Powerful DIN-rail PCs with PC104 UNO-1100

An UNO-1100 Series DIN-rail PC is a high performance automation computer. It features an x86-based processor with wide operating temperature (up to 60° C). These are suitable for SCADA RTU, warehouse, and environment monitoring applications. The UNO-1140/F and UNO-1150G/GE are DIN-rail PCs which provide several serial communication ports and Ethernet interfaces that can provide a versatile function to fulfill diverse requirements. The UNO-1170 is an DIN-rail based embedded automation computer, which provides several serial communication ports and Ethernet interfaces; the UNO-1172A is an Intel Atom DIN-rail PC with innovated system diagnostic features. While the UNO-1140FH, UNO-1150GH/GHE and UNO-1172AH are designed to be safely operated for hazardous locations with Class 1, Division 2 certification.