Wallmount Automation Computers with PCIPCIe UNO-3000

An UNO-3000 series automation computer is a wall mounted PC with PCI expansion or PCI Express slots. Featuring wide computing power (Celeron M 1GHz to Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz), the PCI expansion capability allows users to add on any 3rd party IO module for a wide range of applications. The UNO-3072 is a wall mounted PC with two PCI expansion slots, and can fulfill any demanding requirement from the industrial field; the UNO-3072A and UNO-3074A feature up to four PCI expansion slots that provide an excellent performance to power consumption ratio. The UNO-3074 is a wall mounted PC with four PCI expansion slots and features a rugged and field-proven design offering dual power inputs and battery backup SRAM. Finally, the UNO-3082 and UNO-3084 are wall mounted PCs with up to four expansion slots for PCI Express or PCI expansion support, they are also equipped with two IEEE 1394b bilingual interfaces which allow users to connect their own devices for machine vision application.